Adam Richman’s Massive 70 Pound Weight Loss

American actor and Travel Channel food challenge host Adam Richman has stunned his viewing audience and legion of social media fans with a massive weight drop.


Richman has developed a reputation for taking on any gluttonous challenge so long as it made for good TV viewing. The effect on his body seemed to be the last thing on his mind. After the cameras stopped rolling, however, Richman was far from happy with the effect that it was having on his body. His waistline was out of control and his self esteem had plummeted.

Looking back, Richman can hardly believe the things he did to his body for the sake of television . . .

“I watch some of those episodes now and I’m going, ‘No way!’ I even talk about it with some of my friends. ‘There’s no way that guy is going to eat all of that!’ But I am that guy!”

When Man vs Food ended in 2012, Richman knew he had to get serious abut losing weight. During the 4 years that the show aired, Richman made sure that he ate healthy off the set. He also exercised. Soccer is a passion for Richman, so he played that regularly to help try and control the weight also.

adam foodBut all of his efforts were no match for the humongous amounts of junk he was stuffing down his throat when the cameras rolled. And then there were all the extras. He was on the set for 15 hours most days. Throughout that time he would be constantly sampling dishes. He simply didn’t realize how the accumulation of all of those small portions were affecting him. That was until he went in for a medical check-up.

Even the doctor was surprised by Richman’s weight on the scale. When the bloodworm came back, though, it was time to face some hard realities. Unless Adam made some major changes fast, he was on the fast track to a diabetic heart attack.

Coming Clean

Adam immediately recruited the services of a doctor and a nutritionist in order to create a plan to get back his nutritional sanity. The first thing decided he needed to do was to cut out all white flour and starches. These provide empty calories that will go directly to fat storage. Then the experts put Richman on a restricted calorie diet. It included 100 calorie shakes and fiber rich tea along with fruit punch.

adam grey jacketAdam began eating more frequently. However, each meal was much smaller at just 200 calories. These meals were built around healthy proteins like lean meats, yogurt and turkey jerky. He also got into the habit of drinking a massive gallon (3.7 liters) of water every day. The more Adam ate this way, the more his fat began to diminish – and the more his energy lifted.

In addition to completing changing his diet and liquid intake, Adam began taking a supplement to supercharge his energy when exercising as well as to ramp up the fat loss.

Even though he dropped a stunning 70 pounds, in ten months, Adam’s weight journey wasn’t all plain sailing. Here are three challenges that he faced – and how he overcame them:

His Big Eating Reputation

Richman had built his career around being the crazy eating guy. So, when he ordered a salad at the bar, he’d get a lot of peer pressure to ‘eat like a man’. Adam wasn’t phased by this. After all, he wasn’t eating for their body, he was eating for his, and it was the only one he had. His response?

 If you want to lose weight, you have to stop living up to other people’s expectations. Now I take an odd pleasure in disappointing people.

His Friends Supersizing

Adam enjoys time out with his friends. And when guys get together it usually means lots of unhealthy food being consumed. But Adam was always prepared. He’d be ready with healthy snacks like nuts, jerky and popcorn. At first the other guys sneered – then they joined in.

Food at Work

Adam resolved himself to cut right back on eating at work. With the end of the four year run of Man VS Food in 2012, that was a lot easier. Yet still, there were constant temptations like donuts and cake on the set or in the office. Adam developed the habit of simply passing the plate on. Occasionally he’d break off a small portion and nibble on it.

Adam Richman Works Out

adam 3Adam knew that revolutionizing his whole approach to eating was just half of the fat loss equation. He also needed to get into a regular exercise program. Adam has always been an avid soccer fan, so the first thing he did was to get back to the game. He joined a social league with a Tuesday night practice and a game every Saturday.

Adam also took on the services of a personal trainer. Three days per week, he had a workout in a personal studio. The sessions were a combination of kick boxing, cross fit, weight training, plyometrics and yoga. Here is a typical mixed martial arts inspired workout that Adam would perform. It’s built around skipping, which is one of the very best things you can do to lose body fat fast.

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Basic Jump: 1 minute REST Basic Jump: 1 minute REST Basic Jump: 1 minute
Push Ups x 20   Push Ups x 20   Push Ups x 20
Skier Jump: 1 minute   Skier Jump: 1 minute   Skier Jump: 1 minute
Rest: 30 secs   Rest: 30 secs   Rest: 30 secs
Basic Jump: 1 minute   Basic Jump: 1 minute   Basic Jump: 1 minute
Burpees x 15   Burpees x 15   Burpees x 15
Ali Step: 1 minute   Ali Step: 1 minute   Ali Step: 1 minute
Rest: 30 secs   Rest: 30 secs   Rest: 30 secs
Bell Jump: 2 minutes   Bell Jump: 2 minutes   Bell Jump: 2 minutes
Power Jumps x 20   Power Jumps x 20   Power Jumps x 20
Basic Jump: 1 minute   Basic Jump: 1 minute   Basic Jump: 1 minute
Push Ups x 20   Push Ups x 20   Push Ups x 20

Man VS Flab No More

The combination of hard work, dedication, a sound nutritional plan and hard work in the gym and on the soccer field have paid huge dividends for Richman. For Adam, himself, though, it all comes down to a simple equation . . .

“I don’t want to sound glib when I say eat less and exercise more, but simply you have to create a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories to lose a pound. So whether you do that between raising your metabolic rate through exercise and creating your deficit that way, or curtailing your caloric intake, it was simply a matter of creating that deficit and eating incrementally throughout the day, as opposed to a big meal, or a really big meal…”

How successful has Adam’s weight loss journey been?

He recently posed naked (apart from his soccer boots) for a centerfold in Cosmopolitan magazine.

adam cosmo

Now, that is the measure of success.

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