Aubrey O’Day’s Body Blitz Training and Diet

Dumblonde  star Aubrey O’Day has been getting plenty of attention lately with her Instagram body shots. She’s rocking a curvaceous, fat free figure that has got pulses racing.

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With such a hectic lifestyle, many people are wondering how the singer / reality star manages to maintain such a fantastic physique. The answer is simple – hard work, dedication and discipline.

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Aubrey Does Barry’s BootCamp

For the last year or so, Aubrey has been a regular attender of Barry’s Bootcamp in Southern California. She discovered Barry’s after repeated attempts to work out on her own led to disappointment. She was finding it difficult o sustain the motivation and to find the time to get in her regular 3 or 4 sessions per week.

Barry’s Bootcamp, founded in 1998, was the solution that Aubrey was looking for . It provides a group training environment with an equal mix of cardiovascular work and floor based exercises, such as push ups, weight training and other resistance exercises.

Aubrey had heard that clients of Barry’s Bootcamp were able to burn up to 1000 calories per hour. This made her a little nervous as she approached her first session. She wasn’t sure that she was ready for the degree of intensity that she was sure awaited her. In fact, she thought she was going to die.

aubrey white topNeedles to say, she didn’t. She found that she was able to train at her own pace which, at the start, was pretty slow going. The Barry’s Bootcamp trainers call out activity levels for beginner intermediate and advanced. Still, she soon learned to train at the limits of her comfort zone.

Aubrey had three sessions with Barry’s each week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Each session would last for 60 minutes, with 30 minutes of cardio and the other 30 minutes of resistance exercise.

The cardio sessions are based on using a treadmill. They are formulated around High Intensity Interval Training principles (HIIT). This involves doing hard fast sprint sessions followed by shorter rest periods. The special Woody treadmills allow you to alternate between sprints, inclines and dynamic modes.

The weight training sessions that Aubrey did as part of her Barry’s Bootcamp workouts involved hand weights, resistance bands, booty bands and barbells. Each workout has a different focus. On Mondays, it was arms and abs. Wednesday’s focus was Chest, back and abs and on Fridays, Aubrey would target the butt and legs.

Here’s a sampling of the Friday workout that Aubrey used to sculpt her sexy butt and legs:

  • Squats – 4 x 15 reps
  • Kettlebell Lunges – 2 x 15 reps
  • Leg Press – 2 x 12 reps
  • Glute Bridge – 2 x 15
  • Lying Leg curl – 2 x 15
  • Seated Calf raise – 3 x 15

aubrey bikiniThe Barrry’s trainers, coupled with the group motivation, pushed Aubrey to the point that she was able to blitz her body parts. This allowed her to achieve the best bang for her buck as she sweated out up to one thousand calories in every session.

On the days that she doesn’t hit up Barry’s, Aubrey goes hiking with her dog in the surrounding hills. She’s up early and into the mountains by 6:30 am. As well as burning plenty more calories, getting back to nature allows her to fill her lunges with fresh air and get a fantastic, energetic start to her day.

Aubrey’s Vegan Diet

Aubrey has been a vegan for a number of years. Until recently, however, she had been making some rather unwise food choices. These included drinking a lot of soft drinks and downing more than her fair share of junk food (yes, you can get vegan junk food!). Only within the last year has she cleaned up these aspects of her diet and started to eat clean.

Here is what Aubrey’s current diet looks like:

  • Breakfast – green smoothie energy drink (approximately 120 calories)
  • Lunch – sushi (approximately 330 calories)
  • Mid afternoon snack – roasted seaweed with candied walnuts (approximately 535 calories)
  • Dinner – Quiche (approximately 535 calories)

This typical meal plan provides about 1720 calories over the course of the day. This is a good caloric level for a woman to maintain a healthy bodyweight, while maintaining a good level of energy.

Aubrey has noticed a lot of positive changes that have taken place since she has become a vegan. She has lost body fat, especially around the sides of her waist. Removing fat from her diet has allowed Aubrey to have a lot more energy. This is as a result of her having increased her intake of vegetables and fruits.

As a vegan, Aubrey does not eat meat, eggs, milk, honey or any other foods that are obtained from animals. This makes it quite challenging for her to get an adequate intake of protein. This is important for her, because protein is a key nutrient in the weight loss battle. It keeps the body in an anabolic state as well as filling a person up so that they are less prone to cravings.

aubrey seatedIn order to get the amount of protein that she needs, Aubrey makes liberal use of soy protein sources. Soy is one of the few plant based sources of protein that includes all of the essential amino acids. She takes protein powder regularly, mixing it in her recipes as well as having it as a shake with water and fruit. Her favorite types of protein powder are soy and pea powder.

By complementing different vegetables, however, Aubrey is able to get a range of complete proteins. The following combinations ensure that this takes place:

  • Rice + lentils + vegetables
  • Rice + legumes + vegetables
  • Grain + Legumes + seeds + nuts

Adding more beans and lentils to your meals is a great way to, not only get more protein, but to also take in complex carbohydrates and fiber, which helps to control blood fats.

Aubrey makes a point of drinking plenty of water. This helps to flush toxins from her body. It also nourishes and energizes all of the organs of her body. Her goal is to drink 2.5 liters of water every day. She makes sure that she carries a water bottle with her at all times.

Aubrey Unleashed

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Aubrey’s hard work with the folks at Barry’s Bootcamp, coupled with her new vegan eating plan, are certainly paying big dividends. Her curvaceous, fat free body is ramping up her sex appeal. In the process it is making her hugely popular on social media. All of this is great news for her career, which is going from strength to strength. And that means that we can expect to enjoy seeing more of Aubrey’s curves in the months and years to come.