Inside Blake Shelton’s 30 Pound Weight Loss

Country Star and Voice judge, Blake Shelton has impressed fans with the way he’s handled a stressful 2015. While struggling through a messy split from wife from Miranda Kerr, Shelton has also managed to divorce himself of 30 pounds of excess body weight. Let’s find out how he did it.

blake shelton and miranda lambert before divorce

The Divorce Diet

When recently asked on the red carpet how he managed to shed the weight, Blake joked with the reporter, “Well, you know, you should try the divorce diet.”

He went on to explain . . .

You know I just think, not the actual break-up part, but just the whole stress of getting through all of that is just weird, I was eating as many fried pickles and stuff.

‘No I am doing great, but it’s just I wasn’t eating as much I guess. I wasn’t like going to the gym, just stay as busy as you can to keep your mind off anything.’

Shelton’s weight loss was initially triggered by the stress of his disintegrating marriage. It was clear early in 2015 that he and Miranda were heading for divorce court, a prospect which severely affected his appetite. According to Blake, himself, he basically stopped eating for the first six months of the year.

The results were quite dramatic. In fact, the country crooner was able to shed twenty pounds without even trying to. All he was trying to do was to get through a very distressing time in his life. Even though not eating helped him to lose the weight, Shelton admits it wasn’t the healthiest way to go about it.

Food is what supplies the energy that we need to function. When we interrupt the normal flow of nutrients to our body by refusing to eat, even when our hunger signals tell us that we need to, the body is forced to get the energy that it needs to function from within. That means that it will begin to catabolize itself, in effect eating away at it’s own muscle tissue.

When the body goes into a catabolic state, as Shelton’s would have done during his stress induced months of erratic eating, it is easy to experience a dramatic weight loss. This is because your body is consuming muscle tissue to keep you alive. Muscle weighs five times as much as fat. As a result, your scale weight will drop because you are losing muscle tissue.

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 19: Musician Blake Shelton attends the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival at MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 19, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Muscle, of course, is what gives your body it’s shape and strength. It is the last thing you want to lose. Fortunately, Blake was able to ride through his period of erratic eating and get back onto an even keel. By September of 2015, he realized that he needed a more structured eating pattern.

Not being the most disciplined of eaters, Blake decided that he would benefit from the services of a meal delivery service. After researching the market, he decided to go with Fresh Diet. This is the same service that was instrumental in helping Kevin Federline drop 50 pounds. Every day they are helping thousands of people get on top of their nutrition in the healthiest, tastiest, most hassle free way possible.

Fresh Diet supplied Blake with a range of chef prepared Mediterranean inspired meals, delivered to his door daily. The macro-nutrient and calorie ratios were specifically tailored to help Blake to lose weight the healthy way. The basis of Shelton’s meals were fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and healthy, monounsaturated fats such as olive oil, nuts, avocado and fish. He would be served red meat dinners twice per week.


In addition to the three main meals that he would be delivered daily byFresh Diet, Blake also stoked his pantry with healthy snacks for those in-between meals urges. He made sure to have plenty of fruit, nuts and protein bars on hand. The singer also dramatically upped his consumption of water, reaching for his water bottle first whenever he felt hungry.

The change from ‘divorce diet’ to sensible, sustained lifestyle eating pattern has allowed Shelton to lose weight the right way. He is now preserving his muscle mass, while concentrating on shedding fat from his body.

The Magic Ingredient


In addition to the Fresh Diet program, Blake added a supplement to his life, which he is convinced was a key contributor to his weight loss. It’s called Garcinia Cambogia and is a powerful all natural appetite suppressant. Here’s what Blake had to say about this supplement . . .

I have never enjoyed dieting, largely because I feel like I am just walking around starving all day. For me, that was the biggest difference maker. Garcinia helps you suppress your hunger throughout the day so I wasn’t walking around hungry, tired and grumpy all day.

Working Out, Country Style

Blake is not a lover of exercise. In fact, he’ll be the first to admit that he hates it. Yet, by September of 2015, when he realized that he had to make some changes to get his life back on track, he became determined to complement his new, healthy eating pattern with a regular program of movement that would get him in top shape and further boost his fat loss.

Blake hired a personal trainer and charged him with creating an exercise program that wasn’t going to be intrusive in his life but that would allow him to get in shape and lose the extra pounds. The program that was put together was a three day one-on-one boot-camp style regime that ditched the gym and had Shelton and his trainer hitting the local park. After a mile long jog around the perimeter, they begin a circuit routine that looked like this . . .

  • Push Ups x 20imgres
  • Jumping Jacks x 30 seconds
  • Bodyweight Squats x 20
  • Shuttle runs x 60 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Power Jumps x 30 seconds
  • Pull Ups x maximum
  • Interval Sprints x 60 seconds
  • Burpees x 20
  • High Knee sprints x 30 seconds

Once the circuit was completed, with no rest between each exercise, Blake and his trainer would rest for 2 minutes. They would then take another jog around the perimeter of the park before going through he circuit again. Each week they would add an extra round to the circuit.

The New and Improved Blake Shelton 

Giving some serious attention to his diet and exercise was not an easy thing for Blake. Looking back, though, he acknowledges that it was the best thing he could have done, not only to lose the weight, but to get on top of his entire life. At the beginning of September 2015, he admits that he was close to falling into a dark space of alcohol and depression. His ability to pull himself out of the abyss by means of clean eating and exercise was the key to his survival.

The result is that Blake both looks and feels great. He’s ready to move on with his career and his personal life, which appears to be gravitating in the direction of his Voice co-host Gwen Stefani. Gwen, is a self-confessed workout junkie, so the two of them can look forward to many sweat sessions together in the future.