Megan Fox’s Post Baby Weight Loss

Megan Fox is one of the hottest stars on the planet right now. She’s got a lean, sexy body that she’s ben displaying to great effect in a string of action adventure movies. But, not long ago Megan was struggling with post pregnancy weight gain.

Megan 4

Megan’s second baby, Bohdi, arrived in the summer of 2014. During her pregnancy she piled on the weight. With her first baby, Noah, in 2012, she put on an extra 23 pounds. This time it was up to 40 pounds. Getting her pre-pregnancy body back was going to take some real dedication.

After Noah’s birth, Megan had thrown herself into workouts and a strict Paleo diet plan. That combination had seen her shed all the excess weight she’d gained during pregnancy in just two months. Two years later, and having nearly doubled the pregnancy weight gain, she was going to have to call upon every ounce of will power to do it all again.

Megan is fortunate to have the whole hearted support of husband Brian Austin-Green as she works to juggle motherhood, a movie star career and keeping her body looking as hot as possible. Brian has a big role in looking after the boys, allowing Megan to head to the gym.

Cutting Back

Megan 3The first thing that Megan did in her quest to regain her pre-pregnancy body was to cut back. She drastically reduced her intake of alcohol. She cut out smoking cigarettes. And she even reduced the amount of physical intimacy that she shared with her husband. This, last one, however, was more a matter of circumstance than choice, as Megan explains . . .

Brian [Austin Green] doesn’t get any intimacy whatsoever. My [2-year-old son Noah] sleeps in bed with us, so there’s really no way.

In addition to cutting back on sex, Megan got serious about eliminating certain fat inducing foods from her diet. She has been an advocate of the Paleo diet for a number of years, now. So, the first foods to go were the processed carbs.

“I cut out all bread and those sort of carbohydrates,” she said. “No crackers, no pretzels, no chips. Nothing unhealthy. The worst thing I put in my body is coffee, once a day. I don’t have any cheat days, but if I did, it would be pizza or cake.”

                                 Paleo All the Way


Megan and Brian love the Paleo way of life because it fits easily into their lifestyle. They love that it gives them the flexibility to make smart food choices that are workable with two kids under five running round the home.

Like everything in life there is no hard and fast Paleo manual of foods you can and can’t eat. But the principal is to ‘eat clean’. The human body wasn’t designed to consume over-processed, sugary sweets so these things have to go.

The basic outline of the Paleo lifestyle is if you can hunt it or find it, its good to eat. Anything that needs processing to be consumable is a definite no-go. So, foods such as free-range meats, poultry and wild-caught fish formed the mainstay of her Paleo eating regimen. Coupled with fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit in moderation they gave her the foundations for a diet that have kept her feeling healthier on the inside as well as looking healthier on the outside.

Paleo foods are high in natural fats, which act as a long lasting energy source throughout the day. That meant that Megan wasn’t suffering from those mid-afternoon slumps which used to send her running for the vending machine.

The Megan Fox Workout

Megan 5Megan will be the first to admit that she’s not a big fan of working out. She never has been. But she also knows that, in order to keep bringing the body that secures her the roles that she wants, she needs to train her physique.

Enter celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

Harley has been working with Megan since the birth of her first baby, Noah. After he helped her to reclaim her banging curves in just eight weeks after giving birth, Megan became a believer.

So, it’s no surprise that Megan called in Harley to help her get back in shape after her second pregnancy. But that didn’t mean that she has become a fan of working out . . .

“Trainer comes to my house 3 times a week and makes me to go through the exercises. I don’t even needs to leave the house….I am always like – Not Today! Not Today!”

In addition to the circuit training that she does with Harley, Megan also practices yoga, pilates and takes the occasional spin class.

The Swiss Ball Workout

Three times a week, Harley visited Megan in her home and took her through her paces. The sessions were held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with Pasternak turning up mid-morning. The workouts would let for about an hour.

The actual circuit that Harley and Megan go through revolves around the Swiss Ball. Harvey explained the benefits of using this type of training . . .

The effectiveness is in the instability of the ball. Due to this instability, the muscles of the body are required to do extra work to keep the muscles of the body stable during exercise movements. The delicate, small stabilizing muscles of the body are forced to make instant reflex adjustments mid exercise in order to maintain balance.

A major benefit of Swiss ball training is that it places emphasis on the core. While it was great for Megan to be able to fit into your jeans again, the biggest benefit of performing core strengthening exercises was safety, not aesthetics.

Virtually every movement we make, from getting out of bed in the morning to reaching up for a jar in the pantry, requires use of the core muscles. Strong core muscles can prevent a litany of problems in your life now and in the future. These include:

  • lower back pain
  • sprains, strains and tears
  • muscular imbalance

Here’s the actual circuit Swiss Ball program that Megan used to regain her 2014 pre-pregnancy body . . .


Warm Up


  • Skipping x 2 minutes




  • Chest Flyes
  • Off Toe Push ups
  • Drop Dips
  • Biceps Curls
  • Body Bow
  • Kickstart
  • Lying Overhead Extensions
  • Ball Frog
  • Wall Crawl
  • Wall Slide
  • Thigh Trimmer

Cool Down Stretches

                The End Result: Yummy Mummy!

Megan 2

Megan’s consistent application to her workouts with trainer Pasternak, coupled with her application of the Paleo diet, allowed her to shed all 40 pounds of the excess weight she’d put during her pregnancy with Bohdi. It wasn’t long before she was back on screen, fueling the dreams of countless young guys with that body that just won’t quit.

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