Eva Longoria’s Hot Body Diet For Perfect Weight Loss

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has a body that seems to defy aging. The 41 actress is able to maintain her sexy curves and keep the fat off her physique despite her hectic lifestyle.

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The secret to Eva’s body success comes down to two things:

  • A low carb diet
  • A regular exercise program

Long before she became a household name, Eva studied for and attained a degree in Kinesiology from Texas A & M University. She was also a personal fitness trainer. Her studies in kinesiology and her experience in training others in their quest for a better body, gave Eva the knowledge and experience to develop a nutritional and workout plan that would keep her in great shape during the hectic showbiz years to come.

Eva’s Kinesiology Diet

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Kinesiology is the study of muscle and movement. It’s application to how you eat is that it is able to discover the foods that cause stress to your body. A Kinesiologist takes a person through sessions where various foods are tested on the person’s body in order to identify those which are interrupting the body’s natural flow. Through such testing, the kinesiologist will identify the foods that are causing cravings and weight gain. By identifying your nutrition deficiencies, you will be able to correct them.

In Eva’s case, it was found that she had a deficiency in Omega 3 fatty acids.  She had been replacing this deficiency with sugar and salt. By increasing her consumption of oily fish and taking an omega 3 supplement, she was able to cut out the fried foods and chocolate bars that she had been using to compensate for her deficiency.

Eva’s kinesiology diet testing allowed her to establish a nutritional plan that was unique to her. She was able to discover her deficiencies as well as what foods her body simply couldn’t tolerate. Then she was able to build her diet from that foundation.

6 Pillars to Nutritional Success

The eating plan that Eva now follows is based on sound nutritional principles. Her are the 6 pillars of Eva’s diet program:


eva green dressEva is a big believer in getting quality lean protein into her body at every meal. She knows that protein is the building block of her body. At any moment her body isn in either an anabolic (muscle building) or a  catabolic (muscle destroying) state. Protein is what will make the difference.

Eva’s key protein sources are free range eggs, soy or almond milk, whey protein powder, lean red meats, chicken and only fish. She aims to take in about 20 grams of protein at each meal. That equates to 3 eggs or a piece of steak the size of her closed fist.


Eva is a big fan of vegetables. She loves the fact that vegetables are able to fill her up without adding excess calories. A cup of her favorite veggies will add only about 50 calories to her daily caloric count. Vitamins also provide all the vitamins that Eva needs to nourish her body. Many essential vitamins are not able to be stored by the body. We need to get them regularly from the foods that we eat. That’s why Eva makes sure that she gets 3-5 servings of vegetables every day.

Eva’s favorite vegetables are spinach and brussels sprouts.


Eva simply loves the taste of fresh fruit. Her favorites are strawberries, watermelon and grapes. But her desire for fruit goes well beyond her tastebuds. She knows that fruits contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health. Fiber is also in plentiful supply in many fruits. Fruit also contains a lot of water.

Eva eats around 5 servings of fruit every day. She will often have fresh fruit with natural yogurt for breakfast and dessert.

Low Carb

Eva disciplines herself to cut processed carbohydrate foods from her life. She does not eat packaged foods and is sure to keep her sodium levels as low as possible. Each day she has the goal of keeping her carbohydrate intake to less than 200 calories. This does not include carbohydrates from vegetables or fruit.

Going low carb allows Eva to avoid the energy likes and crashes that come from eating sugar rich foods. As a result, her blood sugar levels are stabilized and she does not suffer from the rapid weight gain that comes with taking in excess carbohydrates. By relying on fruits and vegetables for her energy, she gets a more natural, sustained and safe source of energy to power her through her day.

Cooking at Home

eva smilingEva much prefers to cook her own meals at home rather than eating out. This allows her to have total control over what she puts into her body. Eva uses only organic, GM free foods. However, once per week, she will allow herself  a cheat meal in which she dines at her favorite restaurant.

Eva’s breakfast will usually consist of egg whites with fruit and yogurt. Alternatively she’ll have a bowl of sugar free cereal topped with fresh fruit.

For lunch, Eva will have a quality source of lean protein such as grilled chicken breast. As a side, she’ll have spinach and avocado, with an olive oil vinaigrette.

For dinner, Eva will typically eat chicken with brown rice or salmon with grilled asparagus.

Throughout the day, Eva will snack on nuts, cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt, cucumber slices and fruit.

Food Delivery Service

When she’s working on a movie or TV series, Eva simply doesn’t have the time to cook for herself. Rather than risk resorting to grabbing junk food on the run, she uses a food delivery service. Her full day’s meals, including snacks, is delivered to her door each morning. All she has to do is to heat the food and enjoy. A typical day’s eating will include a turkey and vegetable omelet for breakfast tipped with fresh fruit, a sautéed chicken and peppers served with vegetables and a salad for lunch, and marinated grilled salmon with asparagus and a salad for dinner.

Snacks would consist of fresh fruit, yogurt and cheese slices.

Eva’s Workout Routine

As a former personal trainer, Eva is an exercise lover. She trains early in the morning, starting with some form of cardio training. Then she will undergo a circuit training program. This involves interspersing sessions of weight training with dumbbells and kettle bells with treadmill and rowing machine work.

Eva also does kickboxing and yoga.

Putting It All Together

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Eva’s combination of kinesiological nutritional assessment, sensible nutritional pillars, reliance on a food service when her life gets hectic and daily workouts are the keys to her being able to maintain a fat free curvaceous figure into her 40’s. By applying those same principles, you’ll be able to defy the effects of aging yourself.