How Sam Faiers Lost 11 Pounds Without Cutting Calories

British reality star Sam Faiers piled on the pounds during her pregnancy with her first child, Paul. Yet, within just 6 months of giving birth she had reclaimed her craves, dropping 11 pounds and feeling confident in a bikini again. And she did it all without restrictive dieting or insane workouts.

Sam Faiers

The Post Baby Nutrition Plan

During her pregnancy, Sam was taking in an average of 1,800 calories per day. Some of those calories consisted of sweet cravings and ‘pregnancy pig-outs’, which is what led to her excess weight gain. However, she was wary of cutting back her calorie count in order to lose the fat . . .

“My body isn’t completely back to how to used to be, but I feel great wearing a bikini. For me, it’s feeling fit and healthy rather than being a certain size again.

“I actually feel healthier than ever because I’m focusing on eating well, so baby Paul gets all the best nutrients from me.

“I’m not pushing myself to be a certain size. My doctor told me that while I’m breastfeeding I will weigh a good half stone more than normal, ultimately I just want to feel healthy.”

The common sense approach has certainly been working for Sam. She eats three main meals, with healthy pre-planned snacks thrown in to keep up her energy levels and prevent junk food cravings.

Here’s a typical day’s eating for Sam during her post baby mission to get back in shape . . .


Scrambled egg and red pepper on a toasted muffin and tea with almond milk.


Chicken salad sandwich with hummus, celery and a bottle of water, followed by an orange.

Afternoon Snack

Tomatoes on bread and tea with almond milk.


Shepherd’s pie topped with sweet potato and a side helping of peas.Sam Faiers

To keep herself on track, Sam would schedule in a cheat meal, which would normally consist of fast food staples such as a burger and fries.

Sam also became a fan of nutritional smoothies during her post baby quest to drop the fat. She found them especially beneficial on the days that she was exercising. Blending up a mix of whey protein powder, a banana, an egg and almond milk gave her a high protein energy infusion before heading to the gym.

Unlike many celebs who are after a quick fat loss solution, Sam never considered a restricted carb diet. She explains . . .

“If you’re dieting or trying to lose weight, cutting out carbs and sugars is actually completely the wrong way to go about it. Your body needs certain carbs, sugars and fats to maintain a healthy diet, so yo-yo dieting is really unhealthy.”

The Fitness Fix

 Sam has always been an exerciser. During her pregnancy, however, she got out of the workout habit, which was another contributing factor to her weight gain. She was well aware that to shape up, she needed to start working out again.

Of course, being a new mom and a busy celebrity required that Sam balance her schedule in order to meet all of her commitments. She simply didn’t have the time to workout for hours every day.

With the help of her personal trainer, Nicky, Sam settled on a three day per week workout plan. Her workouts lasted for between 40 minutes and an hour and consisted of strength and cardio training.

Sam also took a leisurely walk in the park, pushing her baby in his pram, every day. This was a great way to relax, benefit from the sun’s rays and burn extra calories.

Sam and her personal trainer worked out at her home, where she has a well equipped home gym set up. Here’s what their 3-day workout looked like . . .

The Workout

 The workout involved 5 key moves that worked every single muscle group in Sam’s body, but with a focus on the beach body focal points – the legs, the abs and the arms. The exercises were to be done as a circuit with absolutely no rest between them.

Bodyweight Squats x 10

 With your feet shoulder width apart, your eyes focused on the ceiling and your lower back arched, place your hands on your head. Now lower down to a parallel squat position by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. After a slight pause, and without rounding your back, push through your heels to return to the start position.

Perform your body weight squats with a smooth, rhythmic cadence. Take 4-5 seconds per repetition and focus on feeling the work that your thighs, glutes and hamstrings are doing.

Plank Walk Out, Glute Kick x 10 Samantha Faiers

 With your feet shoulder width apart, slide your hands down your legs and then walk them out to a plank position. Once you are in a plank position, replace your elbow with where your hands are, one arm at a time. Then climb back up, replacing your hands with where your elbow was.

Now do a glute kick back with each leg. Keeping your legs extended raise them, one at a time, as high as you can in the air behind you.

Booty Bridge to Crunch x 10

 Lie on the floor, back down and with your knees bent. With your hands at your sides arch your glutes into the air as high as you can. Once your booty comes back to the ground, do a normal sit up. Crunch up intensely to feel the isolation in your lower abdominals.

Triceps Push Up x 10

 Get into push up position on your knees. Rather than placing your hands out to your sides, keep them in close to your body. Lift up so that your arms are fully extended then come back down until your chest touches the ground. Push through the heel of your hands.

V Up x 10

 Lie on your back with your legs extended. Your arms should be extended at your sides. Making sure that you are moving from your core, simultaneously bring your upper body up towards your core as you draw your knees towards your chest.

Sam performed this circuit three times, with minimal to no rest between each circuit. She stuck with this program for the entire 12 weeks of her fat loss transformation. However, the program progressively ramped up the intensity as she got leaner and stronger.

Sam added five reps to each movement each week, so that, in the last week she was doing 70 reps on each movement. That means that, once she’d completed her third circuit, she would have done 210 reps on each of the five movements, for a total rep count of 1050.

A New Look Mom

 Sam’s sensible approach to nutrition and exercise has proven to be a winning approach for her. She’s got her pre baby body and is looking hotter than ever.

Having been recently diagnosed with Chron’s disease has meant that Sam has had to make some modifications to her eating plan, but the basic principles that helped to shed her baby weight – balanced clean eating without severe calorie or carb restrictions – will be with her for life.

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