Inside Fat Joe’s 100 Pound Weight Loss

Rapper Fat Joe has stunned his fans, and made his stage name almost redundant, by dropping a ridiculous 100 pounds of body fat. In the process he’s inspired millions, including DJ Khaled, to embark on their own fat loss journey.

Fat Joe

Fat Joe doesn’t actually know the exact amount of weight he’s lost. That’s because, at his largest, he couldn’t find a scale large enough to weight him. He recently revealed . . .

The scale wasn’t big enough. I would say I was close to 400 pounds. If not 400, close to 400.

Today Joe, real name Joseph Cartegena, weighs in at 265 pounds. So, what was the impetus for such a dramatic weight drop? In 2011, seven of Joe’s friends died of weight related illnesses. All seven of them were about Joe’s age. It was enough to shock the star in action . . .

What’s the difference between me and them? Health doesn’t discriminate just because I’m famous.

Another major motivation for Joe was the thought of leaving his family behind, especially his daughter Azaryah.

I can’t leave my daughter behind. I want to be here for her; I don’t want to die on her.

Learning From His Mistakes

Fat Joe Red JacketThis is not the first time that Fat Joe has lost weight. Every other time he’s piled it back on. The reason? He got himself on a reduced calorie diet that put his body into starvation mode. When he went off the diet, his body’s starvation response caused him to horde excess calories. Those calories converted directly to stored body fat.

Fortunately, Joe has learned from those experiences. He know appreciates that reduced calories diets are not a healthy road to weight loss. For his massive weight loss, he decided on a far more sensible course of action.

A Sensible Approach to Nutrition

Fat Joe knew that a reduced calorie diet was not the right way to go. What he needed was a sustainable eating plan that he could stick to for the rest of his life. He also knew that restricting food would only lead to binge eating.

With the aid of a nutritionist, Joe developed a sound nutritional strategy that he could stick with over the long term. The first thing that he did was to increase his consumption of protein. By switching from a predominantly processed carb diet to one that was 60% protein he was able to actually reduce his overall caloric count. That’s because protein fills you up a lot more than processed carbs do. That meant that it didn’t take as much food to fill Joe up. And, because, he was satisfied by the protein based meals that he was eating, there was no urge to snack between meals.

The proteins that Joe relied upon as the basis of his meals were eggs, lean beef and chicken, oily fish and protein powder.

Joe’s second nutritional change was to ditch the traditional three meals per day in favor of five meals, spaced about three hours apart. That saw him eating at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm. Rather than following the traditional pattern of having a tiny breakfast, medium lunch and huge dinner, each of Joe’s five meals were about the same size of 400 calories.

Ditching sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks and alcohol was another key part of the equation for Fat Joe. Each of those drinks used to pour spoonfuls of fat promoting sugar down this throat. By switching to green tea, lemon juice and water, he was able to dramatically reduce his calorie count. At the same time he was able to hydrate his body, promoting organ health and helping to flush toxins from his body.

The Workouts

Fat Joe pink shirtWhen it came to exercising, Fat Joe had to tread carefully. At a weight of around 400 pounds he was just too big to safely run and jump around. His joints just wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

What he could do was walk. So, that’s what he did . . .

Be more active. I would say just walk. If you’re a heavyset person, you’re not gonna be able to jump or run around or do crazy stuff, so just walk… for 20 minutes, 30 minutes with your headphones on, get your little walk on, walk with your friends and that’s it. Thirty minutes.

Joe began walking every morning for thirty minutes. He purposefully got his walk in early so that the distractions of the day wouldn’t crowd it out. After a month he was up to an hour a day and his speed had increased.

Fat Joe capInto his third month, Joe added in cycling on a recumbent cycle. The recumbent bike was ideal for Joe, as it took pressure off his joints while supporting his lower back. He had a recumbent bike put in his home and would ride for 45 minutes each night while watching TV.

As the weight came off, Joe was able to do more varied types of exercise. Into his sixth month, and having dropped fifty pounds, he began a circuit weight training program. This he did twice per week. The circuit involved a series of cable machine exercises that were set up in a circuit training room. Every minute a buzzer would sound to indicate that it was time to move on to the next exercise. Over the course of each minute, Joe would do as many repetitions as he could of the exercise, while maintaining good exercise form. Every third exercise in the circuit would be a cardio move, such as cycling or walking on the treadmill.

With the combination of daily early morning walks, 45 minutes evening sessions on the recumbent cycle and two circuit training sessions each week, Joe was burning off the calories at warp speed.

If Fat Joe Can Do It . . .

Fat Joe Comparison

Fat Joe’s amazing weight loss is a victory for those guys who think that the fat loss mountain is just too big a journey to take. After all, he was the most unlikely of guys to have done it . . .

I’m Fat Joe, you can’t tell me that it’s too hard. Can’t nobody (sic) tell me it’s too hard. I’m Fat Joe, the king of food. The self-proclaimed king! If I can do it, anybody can do it.

Does Fat Joe’s journey inspire you? Take a leaf from his book and start losing weight the smart way; increase your protein intake, eat more frequent, smaller meals and start doing regular sustainable exercise. It’s what enabled Fat Joe to become Fit Joe, so it’s bound to work for you.

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