Inside Kevin Federline’s 50 Pound Weight Drop

 Ex Mr Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, has had a yo-yo relationship with his waistline for over a decade. Ever since his divorce from Britney in 2006, K-Fed has been piling on the pounds, only to lose them quickly before putting them right back on again. His latest effort has seen him shed a huge 50 pounds.

K Fed

When he first entered Britney’s life in the early 2000’s, Kevin was a lean and lithe back up dancer. He hardly carried any body fat at all. His promotion from back-up to center stage in Britney’s life saw him developing the junk food habit. Between 2004 and 2012, regular trips to McDonalds and Burger King would see his weight balloon as high as 250 pounds. He later revealed that his divorce from Britney had plunged him into a severe depression. During that time, he was consuming 24 cans of soda every single day.

The K-Fed Weight Spiral

 The junk food habit was the inevitable foil for every weight loss diet that Kevin embarked upon during the late 2000’s. He would go on a calorie restricted diet and up his exercise to achieve his goal weight over a six to nine-month period. But then the burgers and sodas would kick back in, and the pounds would pile back on.

Kevin even resorted to celebrity fat loss reality TV to help him get his weight under control. In 2010, he appeared on the VH1 show Celebrity Fit Club:Boot Camp.Through it, he lost 30 pounds, getting down to a trim 203. Before long, though, he’d piled it all back on, with another ten pounds of extra baggage.

In 2011, K-Fed turned up on the Australian show Excess Baggage. During the down under filming he was beset with all manner of health problem, being rushed to hospital on two occasions.

Following, his Australian sojourn, Kevin piled on another 10 pounds to top the scale at his heaviest ever weight of 252 pounds.

Controlling the Calories

 By the start of 2013, Federline knew that he had to do something to break out of the cycle that was making him fatter and fatter. He recently recalled the negativity of those times . . .

‘That was just the beginning of it. I hit 30 years old, I stopped dancing, I hadn’t been dancing for years, I started eating, I’m sitting around on the couch playing with the kids here and there, getting lazier and lazier and getting fatter and fatter and fatter.’

Then he discovered the food service that would change his life. It is called Fresh Diet. Fresh Diet is a food home delivery service. They prepare all of your meals, including 3 main meals and 2 snack meals, directly to your door every day. Kevin was recommended the Fresh Diet service and decided to give it a try.

Fresh Diet was the key that Federline needed. They delivered freshly made, nutritionally balanced delicious meals to him that he absolutely adored. In fact, he had no idea that healthy food could taste so good. He signed on for their full service.

Hand in hand with the Fresh Diet service, Kevin needed to get rid of his junk food habit. He knew that this had been his downfall in the past and didn’t want it to sabotage him this time. So, he treated his junk food habit like an addiction. He went cold turkey on all fast foods. He also avoided driving or walking past fast food outlets. Another helpful aid was to carry healthy snack foods with him such as protein bars and fruit so that he had a healthy option when he felt the junk food urge.

Kevin also went through his fridge and pantry, throwing out all of his unhealthy foods and restocking them with calorie conscious alternatives.


The K-Fed Workout 

Over the years, Kevin also got out of the exercise habit. His serious assault on his weight that began with his signing up to Fresh Diet would only succeed if he got back to working out the way he had when he was a back up dancer. So that is what he did.

The first step back to fitness for Kevin was jogging. He began rising at 6am and pounding the streets. He started out by running for one kilometer, and built to 5 K runs over a 6-week period. He’d run 5 times a week.

Kevin also joined up at his local AnyTime Fitness gym. He signed up with a personal trainer who put Kevin on a bodyweight, resistance combination program designed to burn fat fast by speeding his metabolism to allow him to burn calories long after he’d left the gym.

Being a dancer, Kevin was used to plyometric type training which uses a lot of jumping and reaching movements. His trainer devised a series of plyometric workouts for Kevin which allowed him to supercharge his metabolism for maximum fat burn.

Here is a sample plyometric workout that Kev followed to allow him to shed his excess kilos . . .


Adductor Tuck Jumps

Start with your arms in a “T” position underneath your chin. You leg and feet are together. Jump up as high as you can. When you come down touch a hand to the ground. Go straight into your next jump, this time touching the other hand to the ground.

Standing Long Jump

Jump off with both feet together as far as you can. Bend your knees before you jump and focus on going low to go far. Sprint back to the tart position and repeat.

Power Jumps

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Crouch down into a squat and then explode up into a vertical jump. Bring your knees up as high as possible. Continue in a fluid motion without any rest until the minute is complete.

Plyo Push Up

Start in standard push up position. Go down into the bottom position and them powerfully push yourself up off the ground. Move straight into your next rep.

Mountain Climbers

Starting in the plank position (extended arms on the floor, shoulder width apart, body flat, legs straight and together), as if you were starting a sprint. Now alternate bringing your knees to your chest, going as quickly as possible. Keep your back flat and but down.

Lateral Jumps

From a squatting position, jump laterally as far as you can. Sprint back and repeat.

Rest for 2 minutes before going through this workout a second time.

Kevin was in the gym four days per week. His trainer was constantly changing up his program to keep his body guessing and stopping it from reaching a plateau. His workouts would typically last for 20-30 minutes and would consist of full body, compound movements that would get the blood pumping around his body.

In addition to jogging and training in the gym, Kevin began dancing again. He would pull out his old moves, sweating out hour long sessions two or three time per week.

The New Look K-Fed 

Kevin Federline seems to have finally overcome the yo-yo weight gain and loss that plagued him for so long,. He’s still looking trim and tight and is still working out, using Fresh Daily and staying away from the fast food joints. Keep it up, K-Fed!