Lauren Conrad’s Workout and Diet Secrets Exposed

Reality star Lauren Conrad is looking in fantastic shape lately. The start of The Hills has been working and dieting seriously to achieve her toned, sexy look.

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Lauren has been working with celeb trainer Jarett Del Bene, who has previously worked with her Hills co-stars. She has never been a regular exerciser and it has ben the commitment to working out four days a week with Jarret that has made the difference for her.

The Training

Jarret introduced Lauren to circuit training using just her own body weight. He explained to her that her body provided all of the resistance, when coupled with gravity, that she needed to get the results that she wanted. Here’s the first circuit the he put her through:

Warm Up: Skipping for 2 minutes

  • Body weight Prisoner Squats
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push Ups
  • Burpees
  • The Plank
  • High Knees
  • Wall Sit
  • Lying Leg Raises
  • Butt Kicks

Lauren would perform 10 reps of each movement and then go directly to the next one, without any rest. She had to complete the entire circuit before Jarett would allow her a two minute rest. During that time, she took in water and readied herself for another round of the circuit. Lauren worked up to doing 4 complete circuits of this workout.

Three days per work the reality star worked with Jarett on her circuit training routine. After six weeks, Lauren was ready to step it up to a circuit using weighted resistance. In Jarret’s studio workout center he has a circuit room set up. Around the room he has 25 stations set up that alternate between a weight resistance exercise such as cable biceps curls and a cardiovasular exercise, such as running on the treadmill. He also has a flashing red light which is on a timer. The light flashes every minute.

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Lauren would start on the first exercise, which would be set on a relatively light weight and start exercising when the light flashed. She would continue, ensuring that she was using proper form for the entire minute until the light flashed again. Then she would have 15 seconds to move to the next exercise and get ready to start. In this manner she would progress around the room. By the time she got back to her starting point she would have completed 25 one minute exercises and worked every single muscle in her body.

On the days that she’s not sweating it out in the circuit room, Lauren does a high intensity session of kick boxing. She starts with 20 minutes of hard core boxing. Lauren does her kickboxing training with her co-star Lo Bosworth. They hit the mitt that is held by personal trainer Jarett. They also do jumps and kicks as they try to outdo each other and connect with Jarett’s mitt (and not his head).

Lauren has discovered that switching between cardio and weight training is a great way to supercharge her metabolism, get super lean and let her muscle tone reveal itself. And even though she pushes to the max at the gym, she’s not one of those who works out for an hour and then sits around for the rest of the day.

Lauren augments her gym sessions with walks. She uses her trusty FitBit activity tracker and sets her sights on knocking off 10,000 steps each day.

Lauren is regularly filmed in a bathing suit, where her toned abs are often on show. Surprisingly, though she doesn’t do a lot of specific training for her abs. Here’s what her trainer, Jarett, had to see when recently asked how he trained Lauren to bring out her mid-section . . .

My philosophy is to train the body as a whole and the abs will come. People think they need to do hundreds of sit ups a day to get six-pack abs, but if you’re doing the right kind of strength training moves (exercise that challenge your body to stabilize itself while you’re working with resistance), you’re constantly using your midsection.

As a result, Lauren does very little for her abs. She does, however, have an Ab Roller Wheel which she uses most nights at home for a few minutes. She loves the way the ab roller stretches out her abs and gives her a great contraction when she pulls the wheel back in. It is also a great device to help her with her balance and coordination.

The Conrad Rules for a Hot Body

lauren jacketHere are Laurens’ 5 key rules for achieving a hot, fat free body:

  1. Commit – stay focused on the goal. enlist a buddy to help keep you motivated.
  2. Drink a lot of water – Lauren goes for 8-10 glasses of pure water per day; you should do the same.
  3. Every day exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and nutritionally sound snacks.
  4. Avoid soda, sugar , baked goods and processed foods completely – just say no!
  5. Get your workout in before breakfast. That way other priorities won’t crowd it out.

7 Days to Skinny Jeans

Lauren is currently following the 7 days to skin jeans diet plan. The first thing she does each morning is to drink a glass of lemon water. Then she has a large glass of green juice. Lauren is a big fan of green juices, knowing that’s the best way to get the life enhancing vitamins and minerals that her body needs into her system.

Lauren’s Green juice is primarily vegetable based. She includes spinach, romaine, kale, parsley, cilantro and spirulina. She avoids fruits, knowing that too many fruit sugars in the morning will spike her blood sugar.

Once she’s downed her vegetable green smoothie, Lauren will have a scrambled egg omelet. Lunch and dinner is always a lean meat, a vegetable and a healthy carbohydrate, such as sweet potatoes, brown rice or legumes. She also loves soups. On hew official website, Lauren commented on her lunch and dinner choices . . .

I choose snacks that are light and filling, but will keep me on track and satisfied all day. I like to have a snack between lunch and dinner because I find that’s when I’m hungriest during the day

Lauren is a big fan of protein. She is well aware of just how filling protein is. It allows her to stave off hunger pangs between main meals. That’s why she’ll base her snack meals around protein. Her favorite choices are hard boiled eggs, almonds and Greek yogurt.

                              The Conrad Conclusion

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Lauren’s adoption of the exercise, smart eating lifestyle has allowed the 30 year old reality star to maintain a killer body despite the crazy demands of her celebrity lifestyle. In fact, it is her exercise and eating plan that allow Lauren to keep up with her hectic lifestyle. They keep her grounded and infuse her with the energy to power through her day. All of which sounds like pretty good reasons to follow Lauren’s workout and diet plan yourself – don’t you think?

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