Melissa McCarty Before and After Weight Loss

Mike and Molly star Melissa McCarthy’s stunning before and after photos have garnered the comedic actress a whole lot of respect in recent times. She’s dropped a whopping 45 pounds to from a size 28 dress down to a size 14.

melissa white and blue

The internet is abuzz with questions about how Melissa managed to pull off such a stunning weight transformation in less than a year. Rumors of liposuction and diuretics have been spread, with some even claiming that she has resorted to illegal ephedra based steroids in order to lose the pounds (see her appearance on CNN that sparked the rumors).The truth is that Melissa’s weight loss is down to three things:

  • Consistent, total body exercise
  • Sensible nutrition following the Mediterranean diet model
  • A revolutionary supplement called Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia 2One thing Melissa did not do was to follow a calorie restricted diet. She’s tried to lose weight that way in the past – and failed. She now realizes that calorie restriction brings on the starvation response, which inevitably leads to a rebound weight gain effect.

The smart, more moderate approach that she followed has allowed Melissa to not only lose pure body fat, but also to keep it off. As a result, she looks and feels terrific.