Ryan Gosling’s Diet Secret

Ryan Gosling is not the most muscular of guys. Yet, a quick internet search will tell you that his type of physique is one of the most sought after in Hollywood. Most guys want to look like him.

It’s the low body-fat levels that give Gosling’s physique it’s impressive appearance. When you get your body-fat percentage down to round 10% you can get away with not having too much muscle. That’s why at 6′, 1″ and 175 pounds he has a body to impress.

Gosling Diet

The Diet Secret

In order to achieve such  low body-fat level, Ryan has to take his nutrition very seriously. A  year ago, he stumbled upon a secret that has allowed him to take his physique to a whole new level. It’s called Intermittent Fasting.

Gosling appleIntermittent fasting is the process of strategically cycling periods of eating with periods of non-eating. It doesn’t involve going for days on end without food, but rather it involves adjustments to meal timing in order to effect a range of hormonal responses.

After trying it for a week, Gosling discovered that it is not a diet. Rather, it is a way of life, one that is gaining thousands of new recruits from all walks of life every day. In 2015, Ryan Gosling become one of hem.

Fasting periods usually range from between 16 and 32 hours, including the hours of sleep. A 16-hour fast can be done on a daily basis. A more extended fast, up to 32 hours, may only take place once a week. Yet, to speed up the fat loss, Ryan added in a couple of 24 fasts each week.

24-Hour Fasts

An example of a 24 hour-fast that Ryan found successful was going from 6pm one day until 6pm the next day. That means that he’d still be eating on both days – prior to 6pm before he started on the first day, and after 6pm the next day.

During the period of fasting, Ryan discovered that it is vital that you stay hydrated with 8-10 8-ounce glasses of water.

goslingFasting is actually something that Gosling had been doing his whole life. Technically speaking, whenever you’re not eating you are fasting. For most us those periods are randomly spaced throughout the day.

But there’s a period of fasting that is constant. That, of course, is when we’re sleeping. So, most people are fasting for 7 -8 hours out of every 24 as a matter of course. That’s why the first meal of the day is called breakfast – you’re breaking your nightly fast.

No Longer a Skeptic

At the start, Ryan was a little skeptical about the benefits of intermittent fasting. Fasting, after all, does seem pretty drastic. It goes against the grain of every we’ve been taught – don’t skip meals, it will make you fat or – even worse – eat away at your muscle tissue.

A year on, Gosling is now a raving fan of the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle started out as a skeptic.

What has won him over?


They are hard to argue with.

Here’s what Ryan discovered . . .

It Burns Fat

 Gosling runningIt’s pretty hard to eat a meal without taking sugar into your body. And when you eat sugar, it goes straight to your liver to be converted to glycogen. But what happens when your glycogen stores are full? The excess is stored as fat. A normal meal will provide you with energy to power you through the next seven or eight hours. Then, once the glycogen is used up, the body is going to rely on your stored body fat as it’s preferred form of energy. That will remove fat cells from your body.

Intermittent Fasting will force your body to use up it’s glycogen store and then turn to it’s fat stores to supply you with the energy that you need. You will, as a result lose weight – not muscle and tissue, but unsightly, unhealthy fat.

 It Detoxifies

Poor digestion prevents us from pulling the nutrients that we need to maintain wellness from our food. This poorly digested food produces mucus which also limits nutrient absorption.

The primary goal of detoxing is to eliminate toxins from your body. This will improve your energy, give your liver and digestive system a break, clear up your skin, improve your health and lose weight.

 When the time rolls around to give your car an oil change, what do you do?

You park it up and stop using it while the maintenance work takes place. If you need to get from A to B you either walk or use another vehicle.

You simply cannot give your car an oil change while running the engine!

The same goes with your body. To effectively clear all of the junk out of it, you’ve got to give it a break. The normal routines of eating and digestion have to stop so that the body can have the time and space to breathe – and cleanse itself.

That is precisely what Intermittent Fasting will do for your body.

      Implementing Intermittent Fasting

Gosling ice-block

Rather than viewing Intermittent fasting as a new type of diet, Gosling simply looked at it as eating the same things, just moving around the timing a little. That being said, he did make sure that he was eating a relatively healthy diet that focused on lean proteins and complex carbs.

To ease his way into the Intermittent Fasting program, Ryan simply began to skip breakfast. He didn’t eat anything until lunch time, meaning that he’d gone for about 18 hours without any food.

Ryan made sure not to continue his fast after a workout. It’s during that window that his body was craving protein to rebuild and repair. Taking in at least 30 grams within an hour, either in the form of white meat / fish or a post workout shake put his body in an anabolic state. He did, though,  skip the next planned meal.

After introducing his body to intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast and a post workout meal, Gosling gradually increased the time between meals. He gave his body plenty of time to adjust, however. It took up to 6 weeks for it to fully adjust to his new pattern of eating.

The 16/8 Lifestyle Fast

There are a number of Intermittent Fasting options. The one that suits Ryan is the 16/8 lifestyle fast.

 This plan involves not eating breakfast. Instead you eat you first meal around 12 pm. Then, all of your calories are consumed between 12pm and 8pm. Of course, there is room for adjustment (for instance, 11am and 7pm), so long as they are kept within an 8 hour window. Some people prefer to skip dinner and have a decent breakfast in the morning.

It’s important to realize that, because you are skipping a meal every day, your portions should be slightly bigger than they would normally be.

The Result

Gosling white shirt

Ryan Gosling is now an Intermittent Fasting convert. The fat has literally been melting off his body. At the same time he has more energy and is able to build muscle more rapidly. If you want a body like Ryan, Intermittent Fasting is the route to achieve it.

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