Tiffany Thiessen’s Amazing Weight Loss Bounce Back

It’s hard to believe that Tiffany Thiessen is in her 40’s. The mother of two has retained the curvaceous body and looks that we remember from her Beverly Hills 90210 days – and that was back in the 90’s.

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How Does Tiffany do it?

The White Collar star pinpoints 2010 as the time that she learnt to really get control over her body. She’d just given birth to her first child, Harper and was struggling to make any headway on the 45 pounds of extra weight that sh’e managed to pile onto her frame.

At the time, Tiffany was working 16 hour days on set. She simply didn’t have enough time in her day to focus on eating well and exercising. The rest was inevitable. She fell back on fast food. Not only was she not losing weight, but the scale was actually going up.

So, it was out of a sense of desperation that the former 90210 starlet started seeking out a professional who could help to make traction on her weight loss goal. It was then that she cam across celebrity trainer Kathy Koehler. Kathy has a well established reputation and has whipped such Hollywood A-listers as Julia Roberts into shape.

Kaehler tightened up at Tiffany’s house with a gab full of groceries in her arms. She then proceeded to educate Thiessen to the real secret to weight loss for busy people. She calls it Sunday Set-Up.

Sunday Set-Up

tiffani babyBusy people like Tiffany simply do not have the time to prepare healthy meals every day. The solution was brilliantly simple . . .

Take an hour every Sunday to prepare meals for the coming week. That way you don’t need to worry about getting a meal ready when you’re in the throes of your hectic work week. You simply have to pull a meal from your refrigerator and pop it into the microwave. According to Koehler, prepping once for the week is the key to rapid weight loss.

After trying it for a month, Tiffany wholeheartedly endorsed Kathy’s approach . . .

Cooking this way simplified my life, and I have more energy.

Heres the methodology that Tiffany learnt to enable her to succeed with Sunday Set-Up:

  • Shop for groceries on Sunday morning – visit Farmer’s market and go for organic, GM free options
  • Prep your key ingredients as soon as you get home and place them in the fridge
  • Keep your recipes simply and healthy – prepare one meal for each night
  • Place each meal in a tupperware container and write the day of the week that it is to be eaten
  • Place tupperware containers in the freezer

Tiffany soon found that having some basic staples on hand made it easier for her to maintain this routine. The following staples soon found their way into her pantry: black pepper; brown sugar; cayenne pepper; curry powder; dark molasses; dried basil, oregano and thyme; flour; lowfat mayo; olive oil; parchment paper; sea salt; sugar; vegetable oil cooking spray; white wine vinegar; white cooking wine.

The Kitchen Clean Out

tiffani bedAs well as prepping her dinner meals on a Sunday, Tiffany also went through the process of cleaning up her diet. Under Koehler’s tutelage, the star got rid of processed high sugar carb laden foods and replaced them with lean proteins and vegetables. Tiffany also decided to ditch wheat. Ing gluten free has allowed her to have more energy, improve her digestive process and eliminate toxins and sugars that were clogging up her insides.

Another diet modification that has been very helpful for Tiffany is the reaction in alcohol consumption. When her trainer pointed out how many calories were actually contained in alcohol, Tiffany decided to make the switch. She increased her consumption of water to about 3 liters per day.

Tiffany also discovered a great zero calorie alcohol replacement in the form of Sparkling Bitters. The drink is concocted from blending sparkling water with the  highly concentrated liquid extractions of herbs, roots, and fruit. Not only does this delicious drink contain no calories, but there is also zero sodium, zero carbs and zero sugar.

The Tiffany Workout

tiffani curvesHaving got her nutritional life in order, Tiffany next faced the challenge of working out to lose the baby fat. Not that working out was a chore to Tiffany. She has been exercising for many years and really enjoys. But working 16 hours per day on the set of White Collar made finding time to work out a real challenge.

Tiffany worked with her trainer to work out a routine that was going to be practical and pageable for her situation. What they came across was ingenious. Tiffany simply didn’t have the time to visit Koehler in her personal training studio. That;’s because she was stuck on set. What she did have was an hour long lunch break. So, Tiffany and Kathy managed to set up a Skype connection where they could train together.

Three days per week, Tiffany and Kathy went through a 40 minute training session designed to strip off the body fat. Because Tiffany was working out on the movie set, and not in a gym or personal studio, she didn’t want to rely on a lot equipment. Here’s a typical sample of the type of workout that they did:

Monday Workout

  • High Knees – 2 minutes
  • Lateral Sprints (5 meters) x 5
  • Push Ups – 15 reps
  • Skipping – 1 minute
  • Wall Sit – 1 minute
  • Reverse Dips
  • Butt Kicks – 1 minute
  • Lateral Jumps – 15 reps
  • Skipping – 1 minute
  • Power Jumps – 25 reps

Kathy would be doing the workout right alongside Tiffany (via the Skype screen). They would work through the above circuit before taking a well earned two minute break. During this time, Tiffany would be sure to get plenty of water into her body.

Over a period of a month, Tiffany and Kathy worked up to completing 4 sequences of the above circuit. This allowed Tiffany to burn  about 700 calories during the course of the 40 minute workout, while targeting the muscles of her gluten, thigh, waist and arms.

Tiffany did this workout on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during her lunch breaks on the set. Two other days she managed to squeeze in a 3 mile run. One of them took place on Tuesday’s lunch period. Tiffany had a treadmill put into her dressing room to enable this.  Her second run was on Saturday mornings. On this run she would head up into the calming mountains surrounding her beautiful home.

                                  Tiffany Triumphant

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The combination of Sunday Set Up, clean eating, Skype based workouts and twice weekly runs have paid bog dividends for Tiffany. Not only has she managed to lose all of her pregnancy weight two times around, she has been able to maintain the body of a teenager as she moves into her 40’s. It’s no wonder that her career is as successful as it’s ever been.

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